As an emerging company with high-growth potential, access to the capital markets is absolutely critical for long-term success. At Northern Crown Capital, we do more than raise equity and provide advisory services. We also invest with management as a commitment to our investment strategy. Furthermore, we believe that your capital markets strategy should be fully integrated with your company’s corporate strategy.

What We Do

Before we advise on a capital markets strategy, we invest the time to review and understand the company’s business strategy, goals, objectives and key performance indicators. Once we fully understand the business strategy, then we advise on what we believe the optimal capital markets strategy should be. This will include:

  1. Strategic Plan Review.
  2. Business Tactical/Execution Plan Review.
  3. Facilitate management off-site, where clear Key Performance Indicators are identified and goals are determined.
  4. Integrate operational goals into the capital markets plan and executive compensation plan.
  5. Review and develop investor marketing materials including messaging, milestones and forecasts.
  6. Dry run investor presentation.
  7. Strategize potential objections and create strategies to deal with each potential investor objection.
  8. Execute Capital Markets Strategy.

M&A Advisory

  • We approach all transactions from a strategic, capital markets and shareholder value perspective.
  • We will act as objective independent advisors who are primarily motivated by share price appreciation, and who also scrutinize and challenge management on its conviction. This includes:
    1. Strategic review
    2. Model review
    3. Accretion analysis
  • Targets are reviewed and deal strategies created.
  • Assistance with deal negotiation.
  • Provide capital markets advice on financing strategy, if required.
  • Develop a communication strategy for shareholders, potential new investors and analysts.