The Gaasenbeek family’s financial services experience goes back three generations, originating in Amsterdam, Holland. Matt’s grandfather, Matthew Gaasenbeek II, ran one of Holland’s last independent brokerage firms, specializing in trading securities and providing financial advice. The firm successfully navigated the crash of 1929 and was able to service its clients until the Second World War when all economic activities in Amsterdam came to a halt.

Matthew III continued the family’s interest in financial services. The eldest son of nine children, he followed one of his sisters to Canada where she had recently immigrated after falling in love with and marrying a Canadian soldier.

After graduating from what is now the Ivey School of Business, Matthew III started a career in management consulting. His career spanned over 40 years on Bay Street as an investment banker, including Head of Investment Banking at Midland Doherty which he was later responsible for taking public (ultimately bought by Merrill Lynch). Matthew Snr. specialized in creative financing solutions and M&A for mainly mid-market companies both in Canada and internationally.

In 1983, Matt’s father set up Northern Crown Capital to provide bespoke financial services and advice for his closest clients. During this period he sat on numerous boards and was active in many philanthropic causes.

Matthew IV’s career followed a similar path to his father’s. Upon completing his MBA at the Ivey School of Business he spent two years in management consulting at Price Waterhouse, focusing on valuation and financial restructuring.

Matt’s passion for the markets drew him to what at the time was a small independent brokerage firm – Canaccord Capital. His career started in Investment Banking and migrated to Head of Sales and Trading, Head of Capital Markets and finally President. During this time he advised thousands of companies and was involved in raising over $15 billion in equity for mid-market companies and advising on multi-billion dollar M&A transactions.

Under his leadership as President, Canaccord became one of the top independent brokerage firms for almost 15 years based on market share, league tables and independent surveys. With the strong personal support of Peter Brown, the founder, and a dedicated, loyal group of partners, the firm enjoyed what was a truly enviable winning culture.

After a 21-year career at Canaccord, Matthew left the firm in February 2015 to takeover Northern Crown Capital. Today Northern Crown Capital offers capital markets advice and merchant banking services. We are unique, in that we are prepared to invest alongside the management teams of our clients, and use our extensive experience and network to create shareholder value.