The entrepreneur, as a creator of the new world and destroyer of the old, is constantly in conflict with convention. He occupies a world where belief precedes results and where possibilities are hidden from others. His world is dominated by denial, rejection, difficulty and doubt. Although, as an innovator, he is increasingly imitated when successful, he always remains an outsider to the establishment.

helping you navigate the capital markets

For an emerging company seeking to scale, navigating the capital markets can be complex and confusing. At Northern Crown Capital, we’ll steer you confidently through the journey, as our team is time-tested and battle-proven in every aspect of investment banking. Importantly, your business interests set the course for our strategic solutions; we ensure total alignment and unwavering focus on achieving your goals.

At Northern Crown Capital, we take a long-term view and invest our own capital with management and investors.

Northern Crown Capital Services

Unparalleled Experience. Exceptional Results.

Our work on Bay Street is widely recognized in boardrooms. Our team has underwritten thousands of capital market transactions raising in excess of $15 billion of equity.

While our experience is extensive, our client list is exclusive. We provide bespoke capital market solutions and senior advisory services to select clients. Most importantly, we invest with you: it’s shared risk with a passionate commitment to returns.

Northern Crown Capital Values

Our Commitment

  • To finance sustainable, long-term businesses.
  • To provide best-in-class capital markets strategy & advice.
  • To create shareholder value.

The proof that we stand behind our principles? Not only do we advise you as if it was our own business, but we also invest right alongside you. Investment first, no upfront fees, and compensation is typically based on performance – not on diluting your company’s value.

So you have the benefits of bespoke service, along with the assurance of our personal and professional integrity and our financially aligned interests.

We Personally Invest In You And Your Company

With Matt Gaasenbeek at the helm of Northern Crown Capital, he brings more than two decades of investment banking experience. As past president of Canaccord, one of the largest independent brokerage firms in Canada, Matt has been involved in thousands of transactions and has raised over $15 billion in capital for clients. During his leadership at Canaccord, the firm consistently ranked top of league tables and was recognized as one of Canada’s best independent firms. Now with a network of other industry professionals, the team at Northern Crown Capital is equipped to undertake any capital market requests.

An exclusive team. Exceptional knowledge and experience.
All working for you.
Northern Crown Capital Team